Atoka Catering
5066 Perryville Rd Danville, Kentucky 40422
(859) 236-4591

Delicious Lemon Pepper Chicken

Crisp, Fresh Veggies

About Atoka Catering LLC

Atoka Catering LLC’s mission is to help create a unique event centered around remarkably good food. We pride ourselves on having an established reputation of quality and magnificence.

Owners Tim and Margie Dievert work hard to ensure every meal and event is a grand success! They work as a team; Tim prepares all of the food while Margie manages the bookkeeping. Together they bring over 25 years of experience to the industry.

Our main goal will always be to serve you and make each and every meal special. Atoka Catering LLC strives to perfect every little detail in our food, preparation and presentation. We fulfill your culinary needs with excitement, creativity and elegance.

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